Mary’s Four-Grain Bourbon
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Mary’s Four-Grain Bourbon

Four-Grain Goodness.

Mary’s Four-Grain Bourbon honors legendary bootlegger Mary Curley, who was the bootlegger to catch in Marble, Colorado. She made moonshine out of the back of her hotel and never paid a penny of the fines tied to her name.


Four-Grain whiskies are some of the most challenging and we’re especially proud of this one. Our Mary’s – 65% local corn, 22% wheat, 10% rye, 3% malted barley and aged for at least 4 years in 53 gallon new white oak #3 char barrels and is triple pot distilled.


We bring our Texas-crafted four-grain bourbon whiskey to proof using Rocky Mountain waters from the Crystal River in Marble, CO using the same that Mary would have used almost 100 years ago.


This four-grain is  exceptionally delicious and approachable – is approachable and inviting, with exceptional flavors, of all variety of sweet and spice. Enjoy and savor this goodness.


Golden with amber, yellow and brown tones.



Inviting nose with sweet notes of caramelized vanilla, dried apricots and a hint of allspice.



Warm and inviting with flavors of cinnamon, brown sugar, black tea, clove.



Sweet charred oak and a hint of butterscotch, creamy-smooth and memorable.