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Gold RushSimple, delicious goodness. A cocktail is never meant to hide the spirit and the ingredients in it should enhance the flavors of the spirit. The Gold Rush is a 3-ingredient cocktail adding a little citrus and sweet for a great bourbon classic.
Bertie’s BrambleBertie's Bramble adds all the perfect flavors for a great summer bourbon cocktail. Citrus, blackberries and topped off with prosecco for light, bubbly fun. This recipe does call for blackberry syrup for the best flavor.
Peach PeddlerThis delicious cocktail is perfect for summer, or any time of year. Created by Amanda Carto of Nickel City in Austin, TX, the peach and lemon notes play off the savory in the bourbon for a delightful citrus burst. While anybody can make this at home, there are a few less common ingredients, so take a look to make sure before you get started!
Skinny Liberty Amaretto SourThis twist on a classic cocktail makes for far less sugar and fat compared to the luxurious original. The Skinny Liberty reduces the amount of amaretto, substitutes agave nectar and eliminates the egg white for all the delicious flavor, but a little lighter and brighter with refreshing sweetness.
Bear Gulch Amaretto SourThis classic cocktail comes to life with the unique characteristics of Bertie's Bear Gulch Bourbon. Some cocktails will never go out of style, and the earthy and molasses notes in the bourbon set against the sweetness of the amaretto and creaminess of the egg make this simply delicious.
Bertie’s Berry SmashThis delicious cocktail was created by Lu Brow, one of the most well known and beloved mixologists in New Orleans and is the house mixologist at Brennan's. This cocktail plays off the various sweet and savory notes of Bertie's Bear Gulch Bourbon and blends the sweet and savory of strawberries and thyme. We listed it as an intermediate level recipe only because it calls for thyme simple syrup, which we know all of you can make at home, but adds a little more time and complexity.